Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Rewards and Benefits of Online Volunteering

You don't have to live local to the nonprofit organization you want to support. The World Wide Web has given all of us a way to do good around the world.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Discover Volunteer Opportunities at United Way

The first volunteer opportunity I identified for myself through the Internet was found at the United Way website. It is a great resource of local opportunities.

Go to to search for your local United Way organization. Many of the local United Way organizations have a website where you can identify volunteer opportunities close to you. The website for my local United Way lists several opportunities in my community.

In addition to the websites of the local organizations, United Way also has a website at where they match volunteers with non-profit organizations that share a cause and are in the same general location. (America) (International)

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Great Volunteer Opportunities For People of All Ages

By Jane Worthington

Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to your community. There are amazing organizations throughout the United States that would not function without the help of thousands of volunteers. Everyone should do some volunteering at some point in his or her lives because it is extremely rewarding. One of the best ways to pull ourselves out of a difficult time in our lives is to help others. It is also a great idea if you want to meet a new group of people, stave off boredom, or want to learn about a certain type of industry or field. Volunteer opportunities are not in short supply so whether you are interested in medicine or education, you are sure to find something that you will enjoy. Here are some popular volunteering opportunities that you can find throughout the nation:

1) The American Red Cross. This health organization does everything from taking medical equipment and supplies to disaster areas to providing one sick child with blood. If you are interested in becoming a doctor or a nurse or already have medical experience, this organization could really use you and you could learn helpful information in the process.

2) Habitat for Humanity. This organization builds homes for individuals who cannot afford to do it themselves. Professional contractors and builders donate their time and materials but it is the scores of volunteers who help nail the house together. If you do not mind manual labor and getting dirty, then this is the perfect job for you.

3) Volunteer as a tutor at the local high school or library. Several schools and public libraries have programs in place to help children practice reading. Check today to see if your library has a literacy program!

4) Animal shelters. If you love animals, shelters are always looking for volunteers to help feed the animals, walk the dogs, and help keep the facilities clean. Be careful though because you might end up wanting to adopt all the animals!

5) Environmental organizations. Whether you are interested in planting a tree on earth day or you want to organize a protest about oil spills, joining an environmental activist group is a great way to get involved.

Whether you are interested in helping organize and donate medical equipment and supplies or you want to help build new homes for less fortunate families, there are several ways for you to get involved in your community. Start volunteering today!

If you would like more information about medical equipment and supplies or EKG machines, please visit the Medical Machines Online website.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

GOOD: Get Your Volunteer On

Volunteering has helped others throughout history. Find a worthy nonprofit organization and volunteer.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Discover Volunteer Opportunities Through Friends and Family

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Many volunteer opportunities aren't submitted to volunteer matching websites or advertised in print. How do they expect to fill these needs? They depend on word of mouth. This means they depend on members of the organization to invite others they know or meet to participate in the activity.

Many people aren’t comfortable telling everyone they know about every volunteer opportunity they are aware of. They are even less comfortable telling strangers they meet.

Who do they usually tell? They tell friends, neighbors and coworkers who have previously expressed an interest in helping.

Let others know that you are interested in volunteering. Tell them about the skills and experiences you can contribute. Inform them of skills you want to develop through your volunteer experience. Be sure they know the causes you are passionate about and desire to support. Ask them if they know of opportunities that might be of interest. Ask them to be on alert for opportunities that might interest you.

There are a couple of advantages when you discover your ideal volunteer opportunity through people you know:

  • They know you and can help you find an opportunity that will provide you a great experience. Sometimes others know us and what we can contribute better than we know ourselves.
  • It is likely you will be able to volunteer with someone you alreadyknow. This can especially help if you are new to volunteering and are nervous about getting involved.

Networking with others is critical in many areas of life. It is no different when identifying a volunteer opportunity perfect for you.

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