Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Rewards and Benefits of Online Volunteering

You don't have to live local to the nonprofit organization you want to support. The World Wide Web has given all of us a way to do good around the world.


court said...

 There are 13 million kids across the country that go to school each year without the most basic school supplies and they need your help! Staples and Do have teamed up to collect donations to help these students in need. Check out the fan page for more information about how you can help at

Anonymous said...

Wondering if you could give me some insight or input regarding my charity concept to do a "change for change" program where we go to private and public schools and convince decision makers to host a 3-week contest where students raise money for The World is Just a Book Away Foundation, a charity with the mission of spreading literacy through the building of libraries in developing countries. The concept came from a program that UNICEF had previously ran in high schools and middle schools. After researching all penny drive and spare change for change programs I realized most had little to no follow ups with schools that participated, with little incentives to participate, therefore resulting in a low customer retention. Any opinions? Or suggestions?

Anonymous said...

There are so many ways to volunteer! So many children need school supplies or even mentoring opportunities. Plenty of ways to help if you need to. Check out my blog on the subject: