Thursday, May 15, 2008

Volunteering Will Make You Happier & Healthier

John Tesh discusses in this video the benefits of volunteering. Find a nonprofit organization that shares your passion and start volunteering today.

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A dogs life in Africa said...

Hi, my name is Paula Kahumbu, I just discovered this site. I'm the CEO of a conservation charity based in Kenya and registered in USA. We help field conservationists all over the developing world, especially Africa by giving them a voice through blogging on our website - we have over 70 projects. These blogs raise funds for field conservation saving some of the worlds most endangered species. We've found that field conservationists generate incredible content but they are often in remote areas with no internet access. We are looking to involve an army of volunteers to help individual projects by spreading the word, assisting with upploading content, linking, about these projects through networking, helping with research etc. Would you be willing to profile our organization in your blog?

volunteering abroad said...

As a volunteer, it means uninhibited interactive sessions. It is the meeting of likeminded people from varied fields and it gives a sense of belongings, to everyone who's involved with it. These are the fantastic opportunities to help out!