Friday, February 8, 2008

Expand Your Career Opportunities Through Volunteering

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Volunteering provides many personal benefits. Some of these benefits include increasing your job skills and networks. These new abilities can open up new career opportunities to you.

Many companies are discovering the value of volunteering for nonprofit organizations.

"...volunteers often sign up to network or spend time with work friends and find they've improved their interpersonal skills, their ability to work as part of a team and their ability to overcome obstacles."

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Judy Griggs said...

So true! Getting involved with people...well, you just never know what will happen. Two of my job positions surfaced from my volunteerism.

In the first instance, an employer approached me to consider working for her. In the other, my volunteer work helped create the need for a paid person at the helm of the organization and the consensus on the volunteer board was I was the person for the job!

Volunteerism yields blessings but sometimes benefits one is not even seeking!

Roger Carr said...

I love hearing from people who volunteer. Thank you for sharing your tremendous experiences!